Weekly Health News Round-Up
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Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 13/6/16)

Hello and welcome to our weekly round-up of news, views and stats from the world of Health Insurance and Health in general. Our aim is to give you a snapshot of what has been happening in the Health scene in the past 7 days, as reported by the National Media.


Health News Round-Up


UK’s Most Polluted Towns and Cities – From The Guardian 

  • Eastbourne a surprise name among UK's most polluted towns and cities
  • Port Talbot seems obvious, but World Health Organisation data shows south coast town registers high levels of two tiny types of particulate pollution
  • The cleanest place in the list is Inverness, while Newcastle and Sunderland, both former industrial heartlands, feature near the top of cleanest places.


Danish Research Suggests That Probiotic Yogurt Drinks a “Waste of Money” – From The Guardian 

  • University of Copenhagen study finds no evidence that so-called friendly bacteria aid digestion in the gut
  • Fans of probiotic drinks and foods may be wasting their money, according to a review of current research into the supplements that suggests they may be of no benefit to healthy adults.
  • Drinks were part of an on-line trend, spearheaded by online bloggers

Sugar Rush - Is your child’s sweet tooth harming their health? – From The BBC

  • Health officials in Liverpool are tackling "an alarming level" of child tooth decay in the city by publicising brands with high amounts of sugar.
  • A new campaign names leading brands such as Lucozade, Coca-Cola, Tropicana, Capri-Sun and Ribena - warning how many sugar cubes are in each drink.
  • It will target hospitals, GP surgeries, children's centres and hospitals.


10 Great Ingredients to Use in Your Smoothies – From The Usay Blog

  • Post offers advice on how to get and stay healthy blending fruit, veg and seeds with yogurt to create a smoothie
  • Recommends ingredients like Blueberrries, Kale and Cayenne Pepper
  • Smoothies – delicious and healthy at the same time!


New Study Suggests That “Eating a junk food diet can be as damaging to the kidney as diabetes” - From The Independent

  • The problems caused by eating junk food or a diet high in fat are similar to those found in type 2 diabetes, new research shows.
  • Both type 2 diabetes and a high-fat diet can lead to elevated blood sugar levels – and have troubling knock-on effects for people's health