Health News Weekly Round-Up
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Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 20/5/16)

Hello and welcome to our weekly round-up of news, views and stats from the world of Health Insurance and Health in general. Our aim is to give you a snapshot of what has been happening in the Health scene in the past 7 days, as reported by the National Media.


Smoking Story #1 – Are e-cigarettes really a menace? - From The BBC 

  • Presenter Michael Moseley weighs up the evidence for and against vaping
  • He found that in the short term vaping is probably better for you than cigarettes, whilst long term effects are largely unknown (vaping has only been around a few years)
  • Moseley concluded that e-cigs are definitely not risk free – after a month of heavy vaping in an experiment by Mosely there were signs of increased inflammation in his lungs


Smoking Story #2 – Changes to cigarette packaging – From The BBC 

  • Branded cigarette packs being phased out from this year
  • Packs of 10 cigarettes also to be banned, largely to protect younger smokers who can only afford the packs of 10
  • More than 600 children aged 11-15 start to smoke every day. Some estimates suggest cigarettes kill 100,000 people in Britain each year.


People who become vegan to look 'fashionable' are risking their health, dietician warns – From The Independent

  • The warning comes as it is revealed that the number of vegans in the UK has increased 350 per cent over the course of the last decade
  • “It’s like having the latest fashion but you’re potentially messing with your long term health.”
  •  Some dieticians argue that vegans risk not getting enough protein and important vitamins and nutrients such as B12 and calcium.


The menopause myth buster every woman should read – From The Telegraph

  • Article reports there exists a lot a myth and confusion around the subject
  • Only 3% know about the new menopause diagnosis and treatment guidelines from NICE, which aim to clear up any misconceptions
  • Common misconceptions include “Menopause always happens post 50” and “All menopausal women have hot flushes”


What will happen to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if there’s a Brexit? – From The Telegraph 

  • Card allows free or reduced cost treatment when on holiday in Europe for UK citizens
  • Some confusion about whether the card will stay if there is a Brexit
  • Speculation whether the UK could follow the Swiss model (who are not in the EU but have kept the EHIC) if there was a Brexit


5:2 diet no better than cutting calories – From The Guardian 

  • Popular diet works by consuming just 600 calories 2 days a week, then eating normally for the rest
  • Weight loss after six months similar for those on a standard calorie-reduced diet as for those on the more restrictive 5:2 diet
  • Study was conducted in Australia, involved obese male war veterans trying different diets


Global life expectancy increases to 71.4 years – From The Guardian 

  • Life is getting longer, reports World Health Organisation, at the fastest rate since the 1960s
  • The longest lifespans are in Japan, where last year’s newborns are expected to live to almost 84, followed by Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and Spain.
  • The shortest life expectancies are still in Africa. Babies born last year in Sierra Leone have a life expectancy of just over 50 years. Those in Angola, Central African Republic, Chad and Ivory Coast are expected to do only slightly better.