Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 29/7/16)
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Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 29/7/16)

Welcome to another Usay Compare round up of the week’s health news.  Our aim is to give you a snapshot of what has been happening in the Health scene in the past 7 days, as reported by the National Media.


To continue on with our tenuously linked Pokemon Go stories this week, we heard that Sam Clark is the first person in the UK to have caught all 147 Pokemon Characters .  And he lost over 2 stone in weight, so playing games on your phone really can improve your health.


Cancer Treatment Advances: As reported by Nature Communications recently, an anti-malarial drug called atovaquone may be able to be used to help fight tumours in cancer patients.  The study took place at the Cancer Research UK Radiation Research Centre in Oxford.


Drinking Milk is good for you:  We must warn you that this may put you off your breakfast, so feel free to skip to the next story……Cockroach milk is a thing, and now scientists are suggesting that we might want to start drinking it instead of plant based milk such as soya milk, or even cows milk.  In an effort to aid our expanding population and provide enough food stuffs with nutritional value, the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India have been conducting research into this area.


Advances in nano medicine: Scientists in Switzerland have developed tiny shape shifting robots to perform the next generation of medical operations.  The prototype nano bot folds its tail away once it has entered the bloodstream, and is propelled along via an electromagnetic field, to its destination. 


Body art can cause cancer: Adorning your body with art, accessories and tattoos, is something that humans have been doing to themselves for 100s of years.  However new research has shown that some compounds used in tattoo ink could in fact cause cancer.  The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has prepared a restrictions dossier that lists a number of chemicals used in tattoo inks which could soon be banned by the European Union.


Free fruit for kids at Tesco: Tesco have confirmed that they will be rolling out their ‘free fruit to shoppers children’ initiative to all 800 UK stores, following a successful pilot scheme in Scotland.  Some shoppers will have seen this initiative begin to appear at the front of their local Tesco stores; where a selection of apples, citrus fruits and bananas are available for shoppers children at the beginning of the shopping trip.  The scheme is part of a raft of more customer centric changes that Dave Lewis the Tesco Group’s Chief Executive has introduced to try and rehabilitate the company.