Health News Weekly Round-Up
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Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 06/05/16)

Welcome to our weekly round-up of news, views and stats from the Health Insurance, Protection and Health niche. Our aim here is to give you a snapshot of what has been happening nationally and internationally in the health scene, as well as news related to the Health Insurance and Protection Markets. 


Insurance Industry News


  • Income Protection News From Cover Magazine 
  • "Protection insurers paid claims to more than 129,100 customers or families last year" –wrote the industry news outlet Cover Magazine. Cover reported that Association of British Insurers (ABI) had carried out a study on insurer pay-outs which also found that “The equivalent of £10m is paid out every day in protection claims”


Health News Round-Up


Vaping - Statement from Royal College of Physicians on BBC

E-Cigs - have “health benefits” says Royal College of Physicians, as reported by the BBC. Dr Nick Hopkinson from the organisation’s tobacco advisory group says that since it is not the nicotine in cigarettes that kills people, but the poisons such as Tar, then anything that gets people off these poisons is a good thing


  • Ketamine as Treatment of Depression - From The Independent
  • The Independent has reported on two stories on potential treatments of depression that are being touted by doctors as possible replacements for antidepressants. The first is street drug Ketamine, a street drug which is emerging as a real potential medical treatment for depression.


The Independent reports that “Scientists hail 'exciting' and 'fascinating' research that suggests the beneficial effects of the drug could be harnessed to treat depression much more quickly than before”.


  • Mindfulness as Treatment of Depression - From The Independent
  • Secondly, the Independent reported that a new study had found that mindfulness could be as effective for treating depression as drugs. Other experts however also warn of potential an emerging potential “dark side” to mindfulness, or unwanted side-effects. Weigh up the evidence and decide for yourself.


  • Benefits of Cycling, Walking & Pollution – The Guardian
  • reported this week that in cities such as London, the benefits of exercise exceeds the negative effects of pollution. There was a fear that fumes and air pollution was so damaging that it rendered exercise in cities redundant. This was found to apply in only the top 1% most polluted cities.