How Do The Self Employed Benefit From Private Medical Insurance (PMI)?
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How Do The Self Employed Benefit From Private Medical Insurance (PMI)?

Self-Employed business people could be considered the backbone of this country. Close to 4.5 million Brits have made the leap into self-employment , shown the guts and initiative to start a business, sometimes in a difficult economic climate.


However what comes with the great feeling of self-determination is its own set of anxieties and stresses.


One thing that the self-employed can do without, or at least seek to minimise, is concerns about their health. Let’s look at the ways PMI can help reduce stress in this area:


  • 1) Back to Work Quicker - The most obvious benefit to the self-employed of having PMI is the practical benefit of getting back to work sooner after illness or injury. Self-employed business owners know that time is money, and they cannot afford to take much time off at all for health problems.


At a bigger organisation, if you are away from work due to ill health, other people can cover for you. Bigger companies can absorb the cost of your ill health, and not be too detrimentally affected by it.


Self-employed business owners, on the other hand, know that any time they take from work is vital to their organisation – they do not have staff that can “take up the slack”. So every day is precious.


This is where PMI comes in. PMI enables users to leapfrog long NHS waiting lists for diagnosis and treatment, enabling speedy treatment in days rather than weeks or months.


The fantastic benefit here is obvious – self-employed people can avoid taking lengthy recuperation period away from their businesses, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


It is not hard to see how a PMI policy can pay for itself if a claim is made, and weeks are saved for the business owner’s time and schedule.


  • 2) Flexible Appointment Times - A second benefit of PMI for self-employed business owners is the flexible appointment times. When you are unwell and need to see a consultant, rather than being given an appointment time that may be inconvenient to your work schedule, you can choose a time and date to suit you.


This again makes healthcare more flexible and quicker, benefiting you, the business owner – and saving you money.


  • 3) Private Hospital Facilities - A third key benefit that many self-employed business owners mention is the facilities in the private hospital recovery room.


With PMI, when you are getting treatment in a private hospital, you get your own private room, plus other perks such as superior quality food.


However, perhaps the biggest private hospital perk for the business owner is free internet access.


This means that, providing you are well enough, you should able to access your emails and reply to customer messages, plus perhaps do other work tasks,  meaning that your time in hospital doesn’t result in lost business.


So it’s clear that PMI has a range of benefits for the small business owner. If you have become one of the over 4 million self-employed in the UK today, then why risk your business?


Insure and feel that peace of mind and security that comes with knowing you’re covered.