Health Insurance - How Do You Get The Best Price?
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Health Insurance Renewal and Comparisons - How Do You Get The Best Price?

My Health Insurance renewal is due – what should I do?


Following some recent stories in the media, we just wanted to offer the Usay verdict on the best thing to do at Health Insurance policy renewal time. The recent media coverage has relayed stories of people who have been quoted very large sums on their policy renewal, much more than you would expect for someone of their age and state of health.


One of the news articles covering this story explained how the couple in question had been with the same insurer for many years. Despite this, they had not been rewarded for their loyalty with a reasonable renewal price. This made the couple feel short-changed and disappointed in their insurer. 


Rewards for Loyalty?


Unfortunately, as many of you will have no doubt experienced, the rewards for being loyal with one insurer can be a little thin on the ground. Insurers have a general tendency to put their prices up year after year, if someone does not get a new quote from them or someone else. This is a fact of life.


Add to this medical insurance premiums – as people age and medical technology improves, health insurance policy prices generally go up every year. This is an unfortunate fact of the industry, and cannot be prevented. It’s probably the main reason why the couple in the media’s policy price had increased so much over the years.


Comparison is Key


Some policy holders do find that, on renewal, their insurer gives them the best price. But many actually find that a service that compares many different health insurers actually gives the cheapest like for like quote.


One company that does this is the intermediary, Usay Compare. We are the trusted comparison service for thousands of policy holders every year.

Our customers love our service because we compare thousands of policies in seconds. We make the renewal comparison process so simple and straightforward, that many of our customers come back year on year for a quote.


The Quote Solution


We promise an unbiased, impartial and totally free quote to anyone who contacts us, whether you have a policy or not.


We compare a panel of leading insurers, and will offer you the best cover at the lowest price.


So why not join the thousands of happy customers we serve every year, and drop us a line.


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