How Can The Over 60ís Benefit From PMI?
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How Can The Over 60ís Benefit From PMI?

Time on Your Side?

When you’re young with time on your side the thought of waiting for treatment for an illness does not seem too terrible.

However, when you are in your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, time is more precious and waiting weeks or months for medical treatment on the NHS does not seem so favourable an option.

Health Insurance or Private Medical Insurance (PMI) provides rapid access to private consultants, diagnosis and treatment, bypassing long NHS waiting lists. 

What does this matter?

Because the over 60’s know how precious life is, and value the opportunity to get back on their feet as quickly as possible after illness or injury.

This is one reason why more and more over 60’s are choosing private medical insurance.

Do I Need a Medical?

Another reason the over 60’s can benefit from PMI is that you can get covered without a medical – many older people, seeing the benefits of PMI, are keen to sign up but are wary that they will need an intrusive and time consuming medical in order to be accepted.

However, for PMI, this is not the case - when signing up for a policy, no medical is ever required by the insurer.

Please be reassured on this matter – no medical. Ever.

For Those That Value Privacy

Many over 60’s are concerned that if they fall ill, and spend time on an NHS hospital ward, that they will have to share the ward with other people, compromising their privacy.

With PMI, one major benefit is all private hospital users are entitled to their own hospital room, most with en suite facilities and higher quality food.

This means more privacy for all PMI users, including the over 60’s, who value this feature more than most.

Yes - In One Sense, Age Matters

Yes, on one hand, age is one of the key factors in calculating premium cost, and indeed most premiums will go up with age.

However, many over 60’s who would be considering PMI, often have access to funds for such things in a way they didn’t in previous years of life.

In your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, many people are busy raising children, paying school fees and paying off mortgages.

By the time that those people reach their 60’s, many have grown up children, have cleared their mortgage, and may have access to savings, pensions and even inheritance funds.

In many cases this surplus of cash can be put to good use in buying health cover, providing a security and safety net for those that need it.

Rapid Cancer Treatment

Another key benefit of PMI for the over 60’s today is that it enables you to get rapid treatment for cancer, faster than the NHS can normally do.

Cancer is primarily a disease of older people – for example, for men there is a less than 2 % risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer until age 65, this increases to almost 8% over 65 (Cancer Research).

Excellent cancer cover comes as standard on most policies. It will include full cover for consultations and treatments, but treatment comes with that private hospital shine that so many seem to appreciate.

One Thing to Remember

Is that there is often little difference between a policy for a 35 year old and a policy for a 65 year old – they both have the same great cover.

The difference lies in what the different generations VALUE.

We have discussed in this post the ways that a 60+ citizen might value PMI. If you are in this age group, why not take advantage of this value and get a totally free, no obligation quote from our highly trained adviser team today?

You never know what the future has in store…good and bad!