Compare Child Health Insurance
"Children Are the Future"

It goes without saying that children, the next generation, are a vital link between us and the future.

All parents want the best for their children – the thought that they may get unwell is a terrible thought. But we must consider this possibility, if we are to be prepared for it.

The best way to prepare for ill health in your children is to take out private health insurance – this means that should the worst happen, they will get the very best care, and that there will be no delay in their diagnosis and treatment.

So what are some the unique features of child Private Health Insurance?

  • Appointments at a time convenient for you – enabling you to fit in consultations around school and work commitments
  • Unrestricted visiting hours so you can visit your child at a convenient time
  • Rapid access to consultants so your child can get better quicker
  • Access to a private recovery room, so your child can recover in comfort
  • Discounts and cash bonuses available for children on policies

In addition, some of the premiums available for child only policies are very favourable. For example, comprehensive cover for a 2 year-old is available from around £10 per month; much cheaper than an adult premium.

The reason for the lower premium is that children generally get ill less than middle aged and older people. This means the possibility of actually using the policy is that much rarer than an adult – something to take comfort from we think.

Of course the features shown above are only part of the package you get with a Private Medical Insurance (PMI) policy from Usay. What also comes as standard are the regular range of benefits that all PMI clients count as essential for their policies:

PMI Benefits That Come as Standard

  • Leapfrog NHS waiting lists to get priority treatment.
  • Rapid access to the best private diagnosis and consultation
  • Quick and convenient appointment hospital times
  • Get a private, en-suite hospital recovery room, with A La Carte menu and free TV and WiFi
  • Access to experimental/expensive treatments not available on the NHS (note- treatments must be approved by NICE)
  • Peace of mind – comes as standard

Compare and Save

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All our quotes are tailored, and our advisers are all totally unbiased and independent – this is our strength as a company: to give you the best service and price, without bias.

So get a quote with today, and see what you can save!

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