Find Out If You Really Need Health Insurance

In the UK we are very fortunate to receive free at point of care medical treatment through the National Health Service (NHS) – so it begs the question; why would anyone buy private healthcare if it’s already publicly available?

It largely comes down to personal preferences, however, there are some significant benefits to taking out private health insurance.

So maybe a better question is – why would you want private health insurance. Well there are a number of benefits offered to customers with private healthcare, including:

  • Treatment in a private hospital or ward rather than in an NHS hospital
  • If you want access to all treatments available – including the newest drugs
  • You want to be seen and treated by a specialist consultant promptly rather than waiting for NHS treatment
  • You want choice over where you are treated
  • You want comfort in hospital – i.e. en-suite bathroom, private room, TV, WiFi, etc

The benefits of private medical insurance (PMI) are quite extensive – those mentioned above are just a few – to find out more we recommend reading our health insurance benefits guide.

But Do I Need It?

It’s fair to say that private health cover may not be the right for everyone – it’s important to consider if you really need it or if it’s suitable for you. You may not want to pay out for it if:

  • You don’t have the money – NHS provides free medical treatment so if you need the money then why waste it?
  • You are happy to wait for NHS treatment – if you’re happy with NHS waiting lists then it’s not really a problem.
  • You may already receive private healthcare as part of a benefits package from your employer – why pay out for something that’s already available?
  • You have adequate savings to fall back on for individual treatments should you get ill.

In Summary

Private health insurance is really helpful when you’re looking to supplement the care offered on the NHS. If you want more control and choice over your healthcare – with the best possible treatment available to you then health insurance could be the way to go.

As PMI specialist intermediary expertsUsay Compare are able to find and compare some of the best available policies and premiums in the market to find you the right cover at the best price.

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