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For most people, families are at the centre of our lives. And for those that have them, children are the part that matter most. Some of these people question whether children are covered by private medical insurance (PMI). The answer is yes. And there are plenty of benefits to doing so, too.

Features of Family PMI

  • Can be one or two parents on the policy to get the benefits of family PMI.
  • Family discounts – Many Insurers will give discount of up to 10% when you have children on the policy.
  • For new-borns – “Medical History Disregard (MHD)” is an option: this enables new parents to have cover for their new born babies, should they need private treatment. For example, if your new born had a heart condition that required surgery, the Family PMI would cover the diagnostic, consultation and surgery that may be needed. Many parents say that this gives them great peace of mind that their baby is covered from birth.
  • Baby cash bonus – many insurers will give up to £100 cash bonus if you have a new baby whilst on the policy
  • With certain insurers (such as Aviva), you only ever pay for your eldest child on the family policy – other children are free of charge.

These features contribute to a comprehensive package of Family PMI, some of the very best available on the market today.

Peace of mind is the watchword with our clients today – our Family policy holders gain great comfort from knowing their partner and children won’t have to wait for treatment should they fall ill or injured.

Of course these features are only part of the package you get with a PMI policy from Usay. What also comes as standard are the regular range of benefits that all PMI clients count as essential for their policies:

PMI Benefits That Come as Standard

  • Leapfrog NHS waiting lists to get priority treatment.
  • Rapid access to the best private diagnosis and consultation
  • Quick and convenient appointment hospital times
  • Get a private, en-suite hospital recovery room, with A La Carte menu and free TV and WiFi
  • Access to experimental/expensive treatments not available on the NHS (note- treatments must be approved by NICE)
  • Peace of mind – comes as standard

How Does Family PMI Work?

Private Health is designed to work alongside the NHS, not to compete with it. PMI is designed to complement the state system.

If you or a member of your family have some symptoms, then go to see your GP as normal. Once there, tell them that you have PMI. They will then refer you to a private specialist, who will diagnose your condition, and either treat you, or refer to a consultant/hospital of your choice.

You can choose when and where you are treated; hospital appointments can be arranged around your family’s schedule. This is the convenience that PMI brings.

Family Health Insurance covers families for acute health conditions; these are ones where private treatment can get you back to that good level of health quickly and effectively.

Compare and Save

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All our quotes are tailored, and our advisers are all totally unbiased and independent – this is our strength as a company: to give you the best service and price, without bias.

So get a quote with today, and see what you can save!

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