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What Are The Benefits of PMI?

When you speak with our team of advisers here at Usay Compare we will compare a wide range of insurers, will talk through with you the options available, then recommend a policy that suits your needs. We compare private health insurance costs for all customers that come to us for advice.

You can see some of the potential benefits (by no means exhaustive) of individual and family PMI here:

  • Bypass long NHS waiting times; get fast access to private consultants
  • Rapid private diagnosis and treatment
  • Peace of mind - if the worst happens, you know you’re covered. Safety and security comes as standard with PMI
  • Private room - if you are an inpatient you are likely to be given an en-suite room of your own. You will also be offered other services such as free TV and superior food
  • Quick and convenient appointments - with PMI you can arrange doctors’ appointments around your schedule and to your convenience
  • Access to new and expensive medications that are not available on the NHS
  • Continuity of treatment - you’re likely to be seen by the same consultant during your treatment

As you can see, a Private Health Policy/Plan brings a multitude of benefits. Perhaps its main advantage is the emotional comfort and peace of mind that comes as standard, a feeling that derives from the knowledge that you and your family are covered. The prospect of ill health is less of a concern when you have health cover.

So look at the reasons to buy PMI: 1) Bypass long NHS waiting lists 2) Private en-suite room with superior facilities 3) Quick appointments 4) Having bought PMI you will feel secure in the knowledge that you and your family are covered.

See why our customers are recommending us and get a quote with us today - and see the fantastic benefit of PMI with Usay

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