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Every company is different, but all business works better with healthy and happy staff. A Corporate Health Insurance policy can protect the health and wellbeing of your team and keep your business on track. Company sizes and requirements can vary enormously and there are many different options available, but our team of friendly, expert advisers will be happy to walk you through all the options and find the perfect solution for your individual needs. We compare policies from the leading UK insurers to ensure we recommend from the very best quotes available on the market. Our service is completely free and utterly impartial; we do not have any allegiance to any particular insurance company, we are here to support your company and find you the very best policy to suit.

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What Is Corporate Health Insurance?

Corporate Medical Insurance is an insurance policy, held by a company, to cover the cost of private medical treatment for their workers, should they ever require it. It is a highly valued staff benefit, as well as a practical way to keep the workforce at their best.

If a member of staff were to fall ill or become injured, they can avoid lengthy NHS waiting times and access private hospitals, treatments and consultants, to return to fitness and work as soon as possible.

What Are the Main Benefits of Corporate Health Insurance?

One of the most popular benefit for Corporate Health Insurance policies is the ability to side-step long NHS waiting times and get diagnosis and treatment underway much quicker. Thus significantly reducing the time workers spend unable to work and perhaps in pain or discomfort.

Another key benefit is the access to better medicines and treatments, which may not be readily available on the NHS, due to budget restrictions. For example some of the latest cancer treatments may be available privately, which are not accessible on the NHS.

Private medical care also allows for a much more comfortable and pleasant stay if you do need to go to hospital, with a private en suite room, a la carte menu and less restrictive visiting times.

What Conditions Does Corporate Health Insurance Cover?

Corporate Health Insurance policies vary and there are different levels of cover available. All policies though, are intended to cover acute conditions of workers. These are injuries or illnesses that can be treated, and you will recover from such as a knee replacement or cancer. The policy will not cover chronic conditions; these are long-term issues that cannot be recovered from for example diabetes or asthma.

  • Cancer including palliative care, diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.
  • Heart disease including aftercare cover
  • Stroke aftercare
  • Sports injuries unless you’re a professional sports person
  • Mental health issues including counselling and psychiatric care
  • Complementary therapies such as physiotherapy and osteopathy
  • Alternative therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc.

Health emergencies are not covered by private health insurance, these would always be treated by the NHS.

  • Accident and emergency
  • Chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes
  • Stroke aftercare
  • HIV & Aids
  • War, riots and terrorism
  • Dangerous sports such as base jumping, snowboarding, etc.
  • Each insurer has its own list of exclusions, and our expert advisers will happily talk you through what is and isn't included for any policy we sell.


Core cover

Health Insurance policies will have a core cover at the heart of the policy. This usually includes the following:

Benefit Details
Inpatient Cover Cover for when you are admitted to hospital and stay overnight.
Day-patient cover Covers you when you’re admitted to hospital and discharged the same day and includes the same benefits as in-patient cover.
Out-patient cover Covers you when you visit a hospital and return home the same day without being admitted – in other words, you’re not given a hospital bed. The amount of out-patient cover included within core cover can vary quite a lot. Some don’t include any as standard.
Cancer Cover  Most private medical insurance policies will offer cancer cover within their core cover. It is one of the most valued benefits of private medical insurance policies.
Digital GPs and health support Most policies offer Digital GPs and telephone support within their core cover offering, to allow you access to prompt and convenient health advice. This is a particularly popular benefit among busy directors.

Digital GPs 

Digital GPs are a popular benefit of health insurance for employees. Digital GPs offer prompt and convenient access to medical advice, some even have 24 hour access from anywhere in the world. Many of the providers offer same day appointments which can be incredibly reassuring. They can usually provide advice as they would in person, as well as providing prescriptions and referrals if necessary. More on Digital GPs here.

Cancer Cover 

Cancer cover is usually included within the core cover of all policiesIt is one of the most valuable benefits of health insurance policies; according to Macmillan’s latest research, cancer is the disease we fear the most in the UK. Health Insurance allows you the peace of mind that should you ever be affected by the disease you can have access to breakthrough cancer treatments and superior comfort and choice throughout treatmentIt is important to compare cancer cover between policies as what is included within the core cover can vary. However, most policies will include the following within the core cover: 

  • radiotherapy 
  • chemotherapy  
  • surgery  
  • consultants’ fees  
  • out-patient treatment 
  • home nursing  
  • cash benefits if treated by the NHS 

More on cancer cover here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Small Business Health Insurance?

Small Business Health Insurance provides private cover should you or your employees fall ill. Business health insurance is not a legal requirement, however is a key investment in helping you and your employees receive diagnosis and treatment, whilst avoiding long waiting lists. Many businesses purchase cover as it helps their business run more efficiently as employees are likely to be out of work for less time.

Can I cover my family on a business plan?

Yes – in fact, it is normally cheaper to add your family to your business plan as opposed to having your own family plan.

Can you cover my pre-existing condition?

Unlike individual plans, it is possible to obtain cover for your pre-existing condition on a business plan. Certain insurers will provide cover for your pre-existing condition providing there are 15 or more employees on your plan.

One of my employees are leaving and would like to continue cover – is this possible?

Yes, we can assist with transferring an employee onto their own individual plan at any point throughout the year. The level of continued cover would depend on the individual’s needs.

How many employees do I need to have a Company Healthcare Policy?

Policies are available from as little as one employee however, to access higher discount rates we recommend having at least 2-3 people on your policy.

Will my premium be affected if I add more employees?

You tend to pay a premium per employee on your plan, however the more employees on your policy, the less you will pay per person as insurers offer higher discounts based on group size.

Can I add and remove employees throughout the year?

Yes, the plans are flexible in this manner. We can assist with the administration for you – just notify us when necessary.

Is it a taxable benefit?

Yes – however we recommend speaking to your company accountant about how this will work for your company.