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Every person taking out a Private Medical Insurance (PMI) policy wants to get the best deal; that’s why many people in the UK choose us here at Usay Compare. But it’s not just new customers that are looking for great value with their PMI - current policy holders too are looking for the best renewal price possible.

This renewal section of the market is sometimes neglected; we here at Usay like to offer the best service at renewal for our clients as well as those taking out a policy for the first time.

If you have a current policy that is now or soon up for renewal, get in touch with us, we can give you a free market review, whether you are an existing customer of Usay or not. When it comes to Renewal time, we will get in touch with your insurer and negotiate the best price on your behalf.

We strive to be balanced and fair in our market appraisals - our agents receive the same commission no matter the policy they recommend (thus we can remain impartial and unbiased during the whole process).

If you have an existing policy with us, 4 weeks before your renewal date we will send your renewal documents through to you. We'll also pro-actively call you within 3 weeks of your renewal date and offer a free market review. The market review process is very quick; our advisers can compare your existing policy and price in a matter of seconds.

If we cannot contact you before your renewal date, we will automatically renew your policy to ensure you have continuity of cover.


If it comes to Renewal and you want to move to another insurer, or we discover a policy which better suits your needs, we can offer a "Switch" service to provide identical cover under a different insurer and policy.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary comparison service – our free, no obligation market review service. In the time of a short phone call, we can take your requirements and compare your needs against all the leading insurers’ policies, in order to find an insurer or policy that better suits your needs.

Many customers save hundreds in their yearly premium this way.

We can help you to decide if a Switch is the right option for you.

Why Renew or Switch Through Usay?

  • Speedy, free market review – whether you are an existing customer or not
  • We will always be honest with our quotes – and we're so confident in our prices that if you find a cheaper quote elsewhere we'll match the price
  • We have a specialist renewal adviser team, ready to give you the best price on your renewal
  • We strive to always give you outstanding service
  • We have an ethical policy - "honesty…and the best policy" is our motto
renewal / Switching FAQ

Renewing or Switching Your Private Health Insurance Policy


I’ve already got PMI - what can I do?  If you already have a PMI policy that is due for renewal, you have a few options – you can stick with your current provider; you can cancel the policy; or you can review the market and see if you can get a cheaper quote with perhaps better cover.

If I have a current policy, but switch insurer at renewal, will I keep my no-claims discount?  No you wouldn’t keep the NCD as this is a switch; when you change insurer at renewal, you start the NCD process at the insurers default NCD level.

I am due a renewal on my policy - can I upgrade my cover?  Yes that should be perfectly possible. All insurers can offer an increase in cover and benefits but your premiums may increase.

At a renewal market review at Usay, what insurers will be covered?  All the major providers will be covered, including Axa, Aviva, Simply Health and Bupa.

My premiums have gone up, is there anything I can do?  Yes you can get in touch with us, and get a free market review. Also - if you joined the insurer’s scheme with an introductory offer initially, please be aware that this offer may not apply in year 2, which may explain some of your premium increase.

I made a claim last year, does that affect my renewal? Almost certainly; like any insurance, the more you claim, the more you pay in premiums. Your NCD will drop per claim, and some insurers may exclude the condition claimed for under a new policy. Our trained advisers can help guide you as to what policy will suit at renewal.

My insurer has changed my policy, what are my options?  An insurer will give you notice of a change but after that date, there is little you can do if you are not happy, except to review the market and change insurer.

How much more is a renewal premium than a year 1 premium?  There is no set percentage; it varies between insurer, but it will always go up.

How does the switch process work?  A switch in simple terms is when you move your current policy to another insurer with identical cover. Each insurer has their own criteria to determine if you can switch your current policy. We can help you understand if this is possible (or the best option) when we provide your market review at renewal.  

Can I switch my policy mid-year?  No, not under switch terms. You may incur cancellation fees, and we will always recommend waiting for the end of the policy year.

I’ve spoken to another insurer – they said I don’t meet the switch terms. What are these?  Each insurer uses different terms to determine that your cover can continue under their underwriting. These can include claim history, current ailments and age.

Customer Testimonials


...I found the straight forward advice from Usay Compare to be very helpful. I didn't feel pressurised at any time and found the Usay representative to be knowledgeable. I am convinced that with their assistance I got the policy I needed...