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Here at Usay Compare we are delighted that 4000 of our clients have taken to Trustpilot to share their reviews of our company and the advisers who have helped them. 96% of those reviews are rated ‘excellent’, 3% are rated ‘great’ and less than 1% are rated ‘average’ or below.

Client feedback is so important to us, and we are so grateful to everyone who takes the time out of their day to let us know how we’re doing. It allows us to continue to monitor our service and improve it all the time. We particularly like to hear when our clients have made significant savings thanks to our advisers’ recommendations. Either improving upon original quotes received directly, or on renewal quotes.

We often find clients who could have saved more in the past, had they found us sooner. So we wanted to share some of the ways our advisers can help you to save. There are some common misconceptions amongst clients about how and when they can review and change their policies. We share below some of the ways our advisers are able to make savings and some reviews from our clients about their experiences.

Free Impartial advice

The first thing to note is that our expert advice is completely free, and you won’t be able to find better priced policies anywhere else. Sometimes people assume that we must charge for the service but that’s not the case.

Joshi 06/12/2018 - ‘Having always gone direct to insurers I was pleasantly surprised that a service like this is for free! David Skipp helped guide me through the process of switching my existing policy to an insurer whilst maintaining the same level of cover. He managed to save me almost £1000 over the space of a year! Thanks again David if you read these, Kind Regards, Joshi

Make sure you have the most suitable policy 

Health Insurance companies usually have a variety of different policies they offer at different levels. There is usually a standard and comprehensive version as well as various extras you can add on. Sometimes advisers can make savings by altering how your policy is set up and make it more suitable to your requirements. You can read more about how the various companies structure their policies here.

Grilla  07/04/2020 Chris Ford offers without fail every year an exceptional service. He’s really proactive and tirelessly works to find EXACTLY the right policy, and I’ve always felt that I’ve finished up with an offering tailored perfectly for me. The prices Chris obtains are incredibly competitive too and he’s saved me a fortune over the years without compromising cover. I’d recommend his service to anyone.

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Check if there is a more suitable company

Sometimes different insurance companies can be better suited to a particular individual and able to offer a better price. For example, some companies may suit different geographical areas better, or some may have better policies for older individuals or handle pre-existing conditions differently. Oftentimes people assume that changing company will be difficult and complicated, when actually advisers will handle it all for you.

Lesley 06/10/2021 'Professional, personalised excellent service. My husband and I both contacted Usay as both our current medical insurance renewals had risen considerably. Switching company proved much easier than anticipated - thanks to Becky Bailey's professionalism and expertise. We now have enhanced full cover policies at a third of our renewal costs. Very impressive first experience with Usay, a company we will now use annually. Would recommend their services and Becky Bailey to anyone considering private medical insurance.’

David Burman 21/10/2021 ‘Switching Private Health Policy Provider. I was contacted by Matthew of Usay at the time of my existing Private Health Policy Renewal. After discussing the renewal premium he very quickly identified the same cover with a market leading provider at a very significantly reduced cost. I was surprised by the saving achieved and the way Matthew led me quickly and easily through the process. ’

Julie Brown 16/11/2021 Better cover for less money. Fantastic service. I had been with Bupa for nearly 30 years and my premiums were going up every year, I rang Usay as my premium was £7000 a year for myself and my husband. I spoke to Joe Traynor who was very knowledgeable and very thorough, he sorted me out a switch with better cover than I already had explaining everything very clearly and checked my understanding throughout. He saved me over £4000 a year. I would highly recommend speaking to Joe if you are thinking of private health or looking to compare. Fantastic service and easy to switch. 

Reassess at every renewal

Sometimes clients find that their needs have altered from when they originally took out a policy. They may be paying for benefits they aren’t using, or hospitals which aren’t relevant to them. Quotes for annual renewal premiums can change too and a different company or policy may become more appropriate. It’s important to reassess your policy and get advice at every renewal to make sure you aren’t paying over the odds.

Sue Aubertin 06/11/2021 - ‘Healthcare policy up for renewal. When I decided to explore moving health supplier I contacted Usay Compare and I was very impressed with the service they provided. Firstly they took the trouble to understand my circumstances and explore why I was considering moving supplier. Once they understood my requirements their agent considered a number of companies before coming back to me with a recommendation. They explained the pros and cons in an honest and open manor and did not pressure me in any way to accept their recommendation. Indeed I took a couple of days to consider my options. Their agent acted professionally at all times and delivered a first class service. I will happily use them again and have recommended them to friends and family.’

Helping you to understand how to make the most of your benefits

Advisers are able to explain the ins and outs of your policy – to decode all the small print – and all the additional perks you can be making the most of. For more information about some of the additional benefits the various policies offer read our page about health insurance rewards.

Our team of friendly, expert advisers are on the end of the phone, ready to guide you easily through comparing health insurance policies for you. They will get to know your unique individual requirements, do all the hard work comparing prices and policies for you; then advise on the best and most cost-effective quote.

Our service is completely free, and our advice is totally impartial. So there really is no reason not to let our advisers do all the hard work for you. To get a free quote today, just fill in the quick form below and one of our expert advisers will give you a call back.

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