Private Healthcare in the UK

Your health is your most important asset. UK private health insurance allows you to protect your health and well-being as best you possibly can. It gives you access to private healthcare and to all the breakthrough treatments and medicines that come with it.

At Usay Compare, we work with market leaders in UK healthcare cover. Our expert advisers are friendly and helpful, making the process seamless from start to finish. There is no charge for our service, and we are never biased — we simply find you the best health insurance cover for your needs.

Whether you need family cover, or health insurance for over 60s, take one more thing off your to-do list. Give yourself the peace of mind that if you ever need private medical treatment, it is accessible to you.


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Individual Health Insurance

Is there anything more important in life than your health and wellbeing? Health insurance provides access to private healthcare, offering the latest and best treatments and medicines with minimum delay and in superior comfort. We work with the leading health insurers in the UK to find the very best quotes available, allowing you to relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with securing the best and most cost-effective policy.

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Business Health Insurance

Keep your team healthy, happy and working at their best with a Business Health Insurance policy. We work with the leading UK insurers to provide the very best quotes on the market. Take the hassle out of finding the perfect bespoke quote to suit your company’s own unique requirements with expert advice. 

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Family Health Insurance

There’s little as precious as family, and just as you’re there to protect them, we’re here to help you find the best family health insurance quotes from the UK's leading insurers. We understand the whirlwind of family life, and our expert team of advisers are ready to take one more job off your to-do list. They’ll take your individual requirements and simply and quickly provide you with the best quote on the market.

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Senior Health Insurance

Maintaining your health is critical for enjoying retirement. Over 50s health insurance covers you for private medical treatment for acute conditions when you are most likely to need it. Our advisers can find the most affordable and best policies to suit you, making sure you get back to health in no time. We work with the leading health insurers in the UK, and our service is completely free.

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Child Health Insurance

There are few more daunting jobs than parenthood. While it's not something nice to think about, if your child ever became ill, you would want the best cover treatment for them. Health Insurance provides the ultimate peace of mind for any parent. If your child ever needs it, breakthrough treatments and medication would be available to them without the wait.

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Doctor Health Insurance

As a doctor or other medical professional, you know better than any of us the strain the NHS is under and the current waiting times for treatments. Health insurance for doctors provides protection for your health and well-being with easy access to private treatments and checkups when you need them.

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The Key Components of Your Private Medical Insurance Policy

A private medical insurance policy is usually made up of two elements: core cover, which comes as standard, and added-extras, which cost more, but enhance your cover.
Policies are very flexible and only need to include the things which are important to you. This makes the options endless, and it can become confusing. Our experts are on the end of the phone locally if you would like to chat through your options.


Core Cover

Core cover is the basis of any policy; what's included before you add any optional extras. This can vary between policies but will often include the following:

In-patient Cover
Cover for when you’re admitted to the hospital and stay overnight. Cover includes hospital accommodation charges, specialist fees such as consultants, surgeons and anaesthetists, diagnostic tests and scans such as CT, PET or MRI, plus X-rays or physiological tests. Some insurers also offer additional benefits, such as physiotherapy, as part of their in-patient cover.
Day-patient Cover
Covers you when you’re admitted to hospital and discharged the same day and includes the same benefits as in-patient cover.
Out-patient Cover
Covers you when you visit a hospital and return home the same day without being admitted – in other words, you’re not given a hospital bed. Out-patient cover includes the cost of consultations, diagnostic scans/tests and some minor surgical procedures. Some insurers also include physiotherapy in their out-patient cover.
You can choose to have a fully comprehensive option, which includes out-patient cover in full, remove this cover or limit it. If you choose to limit your outpatient cover, there is usually a range of limits you can set, usually from £500 to £1,500.
Cancer Cover    
Most private medical insurance policies will offer cancer cover within their core cover. It is one of the most valued benefits of private medical insurance policies.
Digital GPs and Health Support
Most policies offer Digital GPs and telephone support within their core cover offering to allow you access to prompt and convenient health advice.

Optional Extras

The following optional add-ons can enhance your cover:

Travel: This includes standard travel insurance features, such as cover for missed or delayed flights, loss of travel money and passports, legal protection, and some winter sports. More importantly, you will be covered for any medical emergencies while abroad.

Dental: Get cover for general dental treatments – crowns, fillings, accidental damage and dental emergencies. Alternatively, you can opt for a more general level of cover, which will pay for some general dental costs.

Optical: Optical cover can help pay for the cost of eye tests, glasses or contact lenses (usually provided if there has been a change in prescription). Alternatively, you can opt for a more general level of cover, which will pay for some general optical costs.

Mental Health: You can add the option to cover you for the diagnosis and treatment of most mental health issues. Cover varies from insurer to insurer but usually includes access to in-, day- and out-patient treatments.

Therapies: This covers the cost of physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment. Some insurers include other holistic therapies.

Why Compare Health & Life Insurance with Us?

Here at Usay Compare, we can help you to compare prices and cover from market leading UK health and life insurance companies such as Aviva, AXA and Bupa. Our service is completely free of charge, and we are totally independent and impartial.

Our unparalleled team of friendly, expert advisers are on the end of the phone, ready to guide you easily through the whole process. Whether you’re searching for business health insurance for your team or an over 70s health insurance plan for yourself, our advisers will get to know your unique individual requirements, do all the hard work comparing prices and policies for you, and then advise on the best and most cost-effective quote.


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Compare UK Health Insurance Providers

There are a wide range of insurers and Health Insurance policies available, each with different benefits, options and tiers of cover. Our expert advisers compare the UK’s leading providers to find the best policy to suit your individual needs. They will help you to decipher what benefits are most important to you and make sure you understand all the policy details.

Here, they review some of the most popular UK Health Insurance policies available..


Health Insurance FAQs

What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance (PMI) is an insurance policy that covers you for private medical treatment should you need it.

PMI has many benefits – the key being private treatment and independent information for covered conditions, rather than waiting weeks or months on the NHS. PMI doesn’t pay out a lump sum – instead, it usually pays directly for diagnostics and treatment at a private hospital.

If you have private health insurance, can you still access the NHS?

Yes, if you have private health insurance cover, you can still access the NHS.

How much does health insurance cost?

There are several factors that may influence your premiums, including age limits, lifestyle choices, your policy year, whether you add additional cover for family members and more. Contact an advisor now, and our experts will be able to offer you a personalised quote.

Can I reduce my premium?

Our advisors can help you reduce your premium. At Usay Compare, we can review your cover and ensure you are not paying for anything that is not relevant to your needs. We can also reduce your premium by choosing a reduced or local hospital list, adding a “waiting period” to your plan or choosing a higher excess. More on reducing your premiums.

What are the different underwriting types?

Full Medical Underwriting (FMU) requires you to submit evidence of your complete medical history and that of all policyholders when you take out your policy.

Moratorium Underwriting does not require you to disclose your medical history. However, for the first two years of your policy, you will not be covered for anything you’ve had symptoms, treatment, medication, diagnostic tests or advice on in the past five years before your policy start date. More on underwriting.

Am I covered on my holidays abroad?

Several of our policies allow you to add holiday medical insurance in addition to travel insurance, which will cover the cost of lost passports, luggage and holiday cancellations.

What is not covered by Private Health Insurance?

It is very important you know what will and will not be covered before you take out a policy. Typically, the following are not covered:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Emergency treatment
  • Fertility Treatment
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Pregnancy and childbirth costs
  • Organ transplants
  • Treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse

Can I get cover for my pre-existing condition?

Depending on the condition, it is unlikely it will be covered in your plan. If you have a pre-existing condition, speak to one of our expert advisors, as different underwriting options may suit your needs. More on underwriting.

Do I have to pay an excess should I need to claim?

This will depend on whether you added an excess to your policy when setting it up. Excess is used to reduce your premium - the higher the excess option you select, the lower the monthly premiums will be. Talk to one of our expert advisors to ensure you have the best option to suit you.