Chiropractic treatment
Photo: Michael: /CC
19th August 2016 15:20:07
Chiropractic is commonly used - but is it effective? Or safe?

Accident and Emegency
Photo: Leon Brocard: /CC
16th August 2016 14:22:17
Are private wards much more comfortable than the NHS?

Health News Weekly Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
12th August 2016 14:29:35
See a quick round-up of this week's health news

Lady getting acupuncture in the park
Photo: Keith: /CC
11th August 2016 13:45:33
Acupuncture – Does it Work?

Health News Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
5th August 2016 13:53:40
See a quick round-up of this week's health news

Man on scales
Photo: Magnus D:
3rd August 2016 16:22:26
Get the lowdown on these clever tips to help shed the pounds

Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 29/7/16)
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29th July 2016 13:40:38
Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 29/7/16)

8 Ways to Relieve Neck Pain
28th July 2016 14:12:28
8 Ways to Relieve Neck Pain

5 Simple Everyday Steps That Benefit Your Mental and Physical Health
26th July 2016 12:30:24
Top 5 tips to help mental and physical health

Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 22/7/16)
Got Credit: /CC
25th July 2016 09:41:01
Weekly Health News Round-Up (W/E 22/7/16)

9 Top Tips For Quitting Smoking
20th July 2016 16:50:48
Find out how to quit smoking and the options available

Health News Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
15th July 2016 12:01:35
See a quick round-up of this week's health news

Girl doing a HIIT workout
Photo: Stephanie: /CC
13th July 2016 11:20:11
Read about the latest craze in fitness training

News Button
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7th July 2016 16:00:00
A round-up of the week's best health news from the national media

Photo: William Warby: /CC
6th July 2016 10:22:16
Are e-cigs a healthier alternative?

Photo: Got Credit: /CC
1st July 2016 16:06:01
See a quick round up of the health news from the national media

Older people enjoying a street scene
Photo: Paolo: /CC
29th June 2016 14:45:09
Can the health system cope with the rise of diabetes?

Tennis court
29th June 2016 12:22:14
See a summary of the biggest rivalry in world tennis

Marathon runners
28th June 2016 14:59:05
Learn about how running affects your body and mind in a positive way

Ebola Virus Close Up
Photo:CDC Global: /CC
22nd June 2016 10:42:10
Thankfully the risk of the Ebola virus spreading further is now low

Skiing man
21st June 2016 10:30:12
Which side are you? skiing or snowboarding?

Hiking in the mountains
21st June 2016 10:19:14
Some of the essential kit you'll need whilst hiking this summer

Man playing out of a bunker
20th June 2016 17:25:42
Learn the inside story of how golf benefits body and mind

Marathon runners
20th June 2016 17:10:07
Find out the secrets for running 30, 40, 50+ miles

Health News Weekly Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
20th June 2016 11:18:55
See a quick round-up of this week's top health news

Enjoying a lunchtime workout!
Photo: Goldiewolf: /CC
15th June 2016 10:46:23
A simple plan for fitting exercise into your normal routine

Health News Weekly Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
10th June 2016 14:07:43
See a quick round-up of this week's health news from the national media

Family holiday- Girl on beach
Photo: faungg: /CC
8th June 2016 11:45:50
Learn how to protect you and the family from hidden holiday dangers

Health News Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
3rd June 2016 15:00:23
See a quick round-up of this week's health news

Health and singleness
Photo: Hamed: /CC
1st June 2016 15:12:38
What's the relationship between health and being single? Find out here.

Health News Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
27th May 2016 14:19:36
See a quick round-up of this week's biggest and most interesting health stories.

12 Ways To Get A Better Nights Sleep
Photo: Simon Shek: /CC
25th May 2016 10:06:10
Why does getting a bit less sleep per night really matter to us? Find out here.

Health News Weekly Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
20th May 2016 13:55:50
See our round-up of the latest news, views and stats from the health niche

Health Insurance - How Do You Get The Best Price?
Usay Compare
18th May 2016 17:32:39
What does it take to get the best price on your PMI renewal?

How to get our children active
Photo: Jaime: /CC
18th May 2016 10:08:30
Get your children moving and active in these warm summer months ahead

Weekly Health News Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
13th May 2016 11:22:34
All the latest and best health news from the papers

Healthy Smoothie
Photo: cherryliciousblog: /CC
11th May 2016 09:54:27
Fresh smoothies - So much better for you than the High Street

Health News Weekly Round-Up
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
6th May 2016 09:53:23
See a quick round-up of this week's protection and health news

9 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health
Image: Marina: /CC
4th May 2016 16:46:34
Beat the blues with this simple, quick guide

Study Finds Shocking Levels of Sugar in High Street Hot Drinks
Photo: Michael Allen Smith: /CC
29th April 2016 14:15:00
Coffee Shops in sugar shock

How Can The Over 60’s Benefit From PMI?
Photo: Ben Smith: /CC
27th April 2016 09:08:00
Time on Our Side – Learn about what over 60’s feel about PMI

Telehealth – A New Trend in Healthcare
Photo: Sean MacEntree: /CC
21st April 2016 10:06:00
Get involved with all the latest technology related to health...

Lung Disease and PMI
Photo: William Warby: /CC
18th April 2016 10:49:00
Do you smoke? Be aware of the health risks...

Top 5 Killers in the UK Today - Liver Disease and PMI
Photo: John Stringfellow: /CC
13th April 2016 11:04:30
One of the UK’s silent killers and the first of our series on the UK’s deadliest diseases

How Do The Self Employed Benefit From Private Medical Insurance (PMI)?
Photo: MoToMo: /CC
11th April 2016 11:33:35
Self Employed? Have you considered protecting your business With PMI?

Does Regularly Staying Late at the Office Increase the Chance of Stroke?
Photo: Flazingo Photos: /CC
6th April 2016 14:36:39
The next in our series on Top 5 Killer Diseases in the UK – Stroke

The Cost of PMI vs Self-Pay
Photo: Moyan Brenn: /CC
4th April 2016 10:49:46
What is better value - getting a PMI policy, or paying for private health care yourself? Find out here.

Sporting Injuries, Treatment and PMI
Image: Keoni : /CC
31st March 2016 09:14:11
Rugby player? Keen runner? Read here about how to get help if you’re injured...

Heart disease rate drops by 45% in the UK in 10 years.
Photo: seyed mostafa zamani: /CC
23rd March 2016 10:05:31
Info about this silent killer – one of the UK top 5 Killer Diseases.

How Do I Make a Claim On My PMI Policy?
Photo: Jasleen Kaur: /CC
21st March 2016 13:16:32
Hate filling out forms? This will make your life easier...

How do Private and NHS hospitals infection rates compare
Photo: Arlington County: /CC
18th March 2016 10:13:13
Your local NHS hospital vs your local Private ward – which is cleaner?

Health News - Chancellor Announces Tax on Sugary Soft Drinks
Photo: Mike Mozart: /CC
16th March 2016 16:59:48
We discuss the 2016 Budget announcement of the Sugar Tax on fizzy drinks

Insurance Companies pay out £77m per day, 7m per day for PMI
Photo: Got Credit: /CC
16th March 2016 11:02:48
How often do Insurers pay out on a PMI policy? More often than you think…

Britain’s Biggest Killer Diseases – Cancer Cover and PMI
Photo: Stuart Richards: /CC
14th March 2016 00:00:00
We discuss Cancer and its impact on society...

What’s Best – Buying PMI from and IFA, Insurer or intermediary
Photo: Tristan Martin: /CC
11th March 2016 11:14:04
Advice for buying PMI from an IFA, Insurer or Intermediary...

Health Insurance Costs – Consider this vital aspect of the PMI process
Photo: JD Mack: /CC
9th March 2016 11:12:03
Are you considering PMI, but are unsure whether you can afford it? See our guide about how to reduce costs...

Facts and Figures on PMI
Photo: Simon Cunningham: /CC
7th March 2016 12:31:53
Did you know….? Some lesser heard facts and figures around Private Healthcare in the UK.

The Differences Between Treatment in Private and NHS Hospitals
Photo: Leon Brocard: /CC
3rd March 2016 10:31:59
We compare the experience of Private and NHS hospitals in the UK...

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