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What makes our advisers second to none.

Is there anything more important in life than your health and wellbeing? Health Insurance allows you to prioritise your health and be proactive about protecting it. It provides affordable access to private healthcare, offering the latest and best treatments and medicines, with minimum delay and in superior comfort.

But how do you find the right policy for you? The range of insurers and policies available is extensive, each with different options, benefits and tiers of cover. Policies can be extremely comprehensive, including cover for things like alternative therapies, optical and dental cover; or they can be more low-cost and basic, covering in-patient treatment for major illnesses such as cancer. Most insurers offer additional benefits such as Digital GPs and health support which also need comparing. Hospital lists also need to be kept in mind as some can be better or more convenient than others in your area.

In short, the choices can be confusing and the options overwhelming. Making a direct comparison can be difficult, without a thorough understanding of the product.

Which is why our expert advisers are so popular and our service is so well valued by our customers. An adviser can make the whole process straightforward; finding you the best policy, at the best price. They can explain all the confusing small print and answer all the questions you are likely to have.

But what makes our expert advisers so good?

Best advice

Each of our advisers go through our rigorous internal training course over a period of four weeks, ending with a tough exam.  Our advisers’ knowledge is regularly tested, and they are continuously updated with any product changes to ensure their understanding and advice is exceptional. All our advisers are based locally at our various UK call centers and relate easily and professionally with clients. We only employ exceptional individuals who genuinely care about what they do and go above and beyond as standard.

Veronique 20/08/2020 - ‘…Outstanding service which helped me finding an insurance cover… Jenny Farmelo is extremely knowledgeable and professional, very dedicated and super efficient.’

Wayne 14/08/2020 - ‘…My advisor was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable that my private health insurance interests were being well taken care of.’

Unique technology

Through our excellent relations with the country’s best insurers and our unique technology - we can compare and recommend live prices and details for the best policies on the UK market. We are often able to make large savings for clients whilst maintaining or improving upon their existing cover (or previous best quote). Our ground-breaking technology is so superior, it has been developed into an online platform to enable its capabilities to be extended to other brokers and IFAs.

Grilla  07/04/2020 Chris Ford offers without fail every year an exceptional service. He’s really proactive and tirelessly works to find EXACTLY the right policy, and I’ve always felt that I’ve finished up with an offering tailored perfectly for me. The prices Chris obtains are incredibly competitive too and he’s saved me a fortune over the years without compromising cover. I’d recommend his service to anyone.

Yvonne 19/08/2020 ‘…I had been quoted £1,900 pm by Vitality my current company policyholder and Usay got the SAME cover for £350 pm with AVIVA. I was expecting hours on the phone but it was quick, relevant and simple. Unexpected and delighted with the outcome. Thank you Lloyd.’

Eric Ingram 14/08/2020 ‘…I had been with my current health insurance for many years and always thought I was getting the best cover but Becky very quickly found me a saving of thousands and with the same if not better cover and I was delighted to accept what she had found for me.’

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Effective Communications

Once you have made an enquiry one of our advisers will call, often within a matter of minutes of making a request for a quote. Advisers take their time to understand your individual requirements and use our bespoke technology to empower you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. 29% of policies sold are done so within the first 24 hours after a quote. Follow ups are timely and allow you space to make the right decision. Our portal area means you can see the adviser's recommendations to ponder and compare in your own time.

Martin B 12/082020 ‘…Becky helped define our specific requirements. Her pleasant, highly professional approach and knowledge of her subject enabled us to quickly identify the best provider to meet my family’s needs.’

Richard Bewley 16/08/2020 ‘…Googling personal health cover, I found usay compare, filled in a simple form and was phoned back within minutes. No aggressive upsell (unlike incumbent provider) but a very thorough and efficient process, resulting in moving to BUPA (at a lower premium than previous plan).’

Ian Berridge 14/4/2020 ‘What started out as a daunting task initially, was quickly turned around, thanks to the exceptional support from Chris Ford. He very quickly understood our complex situation and needs, providing us with options that were tailored correctly. The whole process was handled with utmost professionalism and efficiency. He works and communicates with you throughout the process and will do up until the time for renewal if necessary. I highly recommend Chris Ford and Usay Compare.’

Rahul Nair 30/08/2020 Usay Compare process for selecting insurance policies is very simplified. Every illustration and details for the quote are available on the portal for easy access and comparison.

Prompt Resolution of Queries/Concerns

Any queries are dealt with by our customer services team straight away and we resolve any problems efficiently. Our dedicated in-house Customer Service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have, as well as guide you through the claims process.  We are passionate about ensuring our clients experience only the very best service throughout their journey – from purchasing a policy, through our after sales care and onto  renewal, where our dedicated renewals team will ensure you remain on the best policy for your needs.

Danielle 25/08/2020 - ‘Initially I was concerned about an early payment that had left my account. Courtney Fountain at Usay really turned things around and incredibly quickly as well. She was very polite and helpful and really assured me that everything is sorted.’

Vaughan McCaughey 30/06/2020 ‘The first time I can honestly say taking out an Insurance was a good experience’

Ed Brew 08/09/2020 - ‘Flawless service, very happy with the advice and assistance they gave in setting me up with Bupa. Michael Steyn explained everything very clearly and was extremely helpful.’

Jonathan Richmond 24/07/2020 - 'Exceptional Service and Thank You Ellie! Ellie explained it all in detail and was more than happy to answer all of my, often stupid, questions and has made it clear I can call if there any more. I didn’t just feel like a number at all, it due to the personal touches throughout that I couldn’t recommend this service more if you’re interested in private medical insurance, it was just all brilliant.'

DL 09/06/2020 - Liam Packer exceptional service. Liam was polite, helpful, never pushy and took the time to explain all the options to me clearly. He gave fantastic advice, always replied to my emails promptly and was a pleasure to work with. And top it off found me great cover for my needs within my budget.

Andrew Knuckey 11/10/2019 Outstanding service. I dealt with Laura Ferryman, and her service was outstanding. She explained the whys and wherefores of a complicated subject with absolute clarity, and made the process of switching providers completely painless - oh, and saved me a significant sum of money too! 100% recommended.

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