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Benefits of speaking to an adviser at Usay Compare

Overview of the Usay Compare service

Usay Compare is a market leading comparison service for health insurance, life insurance, and income protection. Look through our guides on life insurance and PMI to learn more about the types of health and protection insurances available. We have broken down the types of health insurance available including key information on our comparison service on our website. We compare policies and provide the best quotes on the market with access to leading insurers so you can avoid unnecessary concern and confusion.

We make cost effective private medical care straightforward and accessible through the expert advice that our highly qualified and trained advisers can provide for you. Finding the perfect policy at the best price is our mission, and our expertise and efficiency is first-class.

Usay Compare is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number 478676). This means we are authorised to offer expert advice on all the UK’s leading insurance companies.  

We care deeply about supporting the health and wellbeing of our community of Usay Compare customers.


The Usay Compare adviser: skills, knowledge, and accreditations

A team of personable, expert advisers are on hand to help you find the perfect policy that is best suited to your needs and circumstances. We have advisers at multiple call centres within the UK; Bournemouth, Bristol, London, and Cirencester. 

You have probably heard the term ‘expert’ branded around but what does it mean when it comes to insurance comparison services, and more specifically services that Usay Compare provide? We break down below the baseline of skills, knowledge, and accreditations that you can expect from our advisers.  

Skills: Our advisers have excellent communication skills which means they are always super personable, attentive, and adaptable when they are speaking to each and every customer. Importantly, our advisers are patient and treat all customers with upmost respect so that you can take your time and have open and honest conversations. Our advisers are fully trained on proper telephone etiquette and will always be actively listening to everything that you have to say and share.

Trustpilot Review - Customer Nick R

Knowledge: Our advisers undergo extensive training over four weeks after which they are required to pass a thorough exam to ensure they have extensive knowledge and understanding of:

  • Key factors, benefits, and varying exclusions 
  • How to find the best prices
  • The right questions to establish the key information to make the comparison process as efficient as possible
  • Key differences between underwriting for a policy and what this means
  • How to advise on the best benefits for each unique customer

We advise on more than just price, we advise on policy that will provide best benefits/terms for your circumstances/history and needs. Read our blog post, Why Usaycompare?, to learn more about why our expert advisers are so highly rated. 

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Accreditations: Usay Compare are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which also means that our advisers are competent at providing independent, unbiased, and honest recommendations and advice.


What will happen on the call?

We have broken down the five key stages to a call with an adviser and how our advisers can offer a bespoke, friendly, and expert comparison service that is available with just one call. It means before you even pick up your phone, you can understand how it all works and know what to expect.

Stage 1: Introductions and understanding your needs

At the start of every call our advisers will greet you with a friendly welcome in which they will introduce themselves and provide you with an overview of the history of Usay Compare and the comparison services that we can provide for you. Our advisers will also breakdown the process of the call and its purpose so you will know from the start what it will entail and put your mind at ease.

From the start of the call, it will also be made clear that you can ask questions at any time throughout the call. Our advisers are always happy to answer your queries whenever you decide to ask them and they will check for your understanding and agreements before progressing to each stage in the call process.

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Stage 2: Learning about your requirements

Our advisers will go on to enquire about your requirements and will patiently listen to your needs and expectations for an insurance policy. Our advisers are active listeners so will be able to take what you say on board and answer any queries or concerns that you have at this stage.

Advisers will ask some basic health and lifestyle questions to begin to build a picture of what type of policy may be best for you. A whole array of factors will shape the type of policy you will need, such as pre-existing conditions in the last five years.

Stage 3: The comparison service

Our cutting-edge technology will assist our advisers to compare between an array of leading insurers with your information and requirements to ascertain what the best policy is for you. Our advisers will factor in all of your needs and requirements before recommending the best policy for you. This is an open and transparent conversation in which inclusions, exclusions, and extreme events will be explained to you so you are fully informed before making a decision on whether to proceed. Any questions you have will be fully answered and addressed.


Stage 4: Recommending a policy

Our advisers will never put any pressure whatsoever on you to take out the policy that is recommended to you. Instead, the process of how to proceed will be explained to you. Advisers will explain the next stage of communication such as being sent an email with details of your recommended policy.

Of course, if you should wish to take out a policy whilst on your call then our advisers will always confirm conditions of your policy, take you through the process of payment, and receiving your welcome pack for your policy along with details around your cooling off period.

Stage 5: Keeping in touch and renewals

We provide a personalised service, and this even comes down to preferred contact methods. This includes how often you wish to be contacted so you can rest assured you will not be hassled with ongoing calls that you have not agreed to. Our advisers will enquire how you wish to be contacted so you can interact with us in the way that suits you.

You will be advised on how the renewal process works and how our comparison services can be utilised at renewal too so you can rest assured you can continue with a policy that still aligns with your requirements.

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The value of speaking to an adviser

Our advisers are able to offer you a bespoke comparison service that goes far beyond simply what policy is the best value for money. They get to know you, what you need and want, and importantly what is available to you in line with your circumstances. They will fully inform you about all of the options available to you and help you navigate finding the right policy so you can save extensive time, energy, and avoid unnecessary confusion that comes with comparing policies without the help of an expert adviser.

We are here to listen to your queries, concerns, needs, medical history and who you are. We believe in building and creating honest, trusting, and long-term relationships with our customers. Beyond our exceptional customer service, we can provide you with the best of the best; knowledgeable, highly qualified, and experienced advisers. Read more about our fully advised service in our, Advised Vs Non-advised, blog post. 

If you would like an expert adviser at Usay Compare to support you to find the best policy then give us a call on 01285 864670, or fill in the Get a Quote form below. You can also arrange for a call to take place at a prearranged time as we are always happy to be flexible and work around you and your schedule.

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