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About Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Usay Compare specialise in comparing Private Medical Insurance (also known as Private Health Insurance). We search the UK medical insurance market in order to bring you the best policy at the best price.

Whether you are looking for a fully comprehensive health insurance policy, or just a policy to cover the essentials, Usay Compare can help.

What is Private Medical Insurance (PMI)?

PMI is an alternative to the NHS; it complements it and provides a quicker, higher grade service that covers the cost of your private medical diagnosis and treatment, for most injuries and ailments after taking out the policy.

PMI has a number of great benefits, the biggest among them being immediate treatment. Think of the relief you would feel being treated quickly and privately for covered conditions, rather than waiting weeks or months on the NHS.

There are a few different types of PMI available from us:

Individual PMI is when you sign up for cover just for yourself, and no-one else. Your premium will be based on your age, health history, address, and a few other factors. You and no-one else will be covered in the event of you falling ill.

Family PMI is where your immediate family (spouse and children) are covered by the policy as well as you.

Please visit our renewal and company pages for more information on these types.

What conditions are covered by PMI?

Generally speaking, if you are fit and healthy, PMI insurers will cover any medical conditions you develop. However, all insurers have what’s called exclusions; these are not covered.

A general exclusion is something that will only ever be dealt with by the NHS, such as accident and emergency. Each insurer has an easily available list of exclusions and our advisers can tell you what is and isn’t included for any policy we recommend. More commonly excluded conditions are those you had before taking out the policy (known as pre-existing conditions).

Speak to our agents who can tell you exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

We often get asked will certain policies cover certain conditions, for example mental health issues or cancer. The answer in these two circumstances is yes, they will be covered, although exactly what is covered is down to personal choice.

In general, UK health insurance cancer cover is included with most policies, even those medical insurance policies that are not fully comprehensive. It will include full cover for treatment and consultations. In most cases any hospital needs are covered.

Most insurers don’t include psychiatric treatment as standard. All insurers do however, offer an add-on to the standard level of cover. Each insurer offers different levels of cover which we can help explain to suit your requirements.

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Useful Health Insurance Guides

Find out more about private health insurance - to help clear up any confusion surrounding private medical cover we have included a number of useful guides to clear up any confusion:

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