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Compare Health Insurance

Are you interested in Health Insurance, but not entirely sure what it entails, what your options are, or if you can afford it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Usay Compare, we compare the best policies from our leading UK health insurance companies and match them to your specific needs. We work with all the market leaders and our expert advisers are friendly and helpful, making the process seamless and simple from start to finish. There is no charge for our service and we are never biased – we’re completely independent and impartial.

Let us do all the hard work for you – take one more thing off your to-do-list and give you the peace of mind that if you ever need private medical treatment, it is accessible to you.

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Individual Health Insurance

Is there anything more important in life than your health and wellbeing? Health insurance provides access to private healthcare, offering the latest and best treatments and medicines, with minimum delay, and in superior comfort. We work with the leading health insurers in the UK to find the very best quotes available, allowing you to relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with securing the best and most cost-effective policy.

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Corporate Health Insurance

Keep your team healthy, happy and working at their best with a corporate health insurance policy. We work with the leading UK insurers to provide the very best quotes on the market. Every company is different and our team of expert advisers are here to take the hassle out of finding the perfect bespoke quote to suit your company’s own unique requirements.

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Family Health Insurance

There’s little as precious as family and just as you’re there to protect them, we’re here to help you find the best family health insurance quotes. We understand the whirlwind of family life and our expert team of advisers are ready to take one more job off your to-do-list. They’ll take your individual requirements and simply and quickly provide you with the best quote on the market.

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Child Health Insurance

There’s nothing more daunting than the responsibilities that come with parenting. Child Health Insurance can give you excellent reassurance that the health of your most valuable small people is properly protected. Compare child health insurance quotes today from the leading UK insurers and enjoy the peace of mind that the latest and best treatments and medication will be there if you ever needed it.

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Health Insurance FAQs

Will My Health Insurance Policy Cover Me For Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a public health emergency and as such would be treated in A&E. Therefore, it is something that would always be treated on the NHS, not covered by Private Medical Insurance. However, you can use your private medical insurance for advice and support. Some will also offer cash benefits for hospital stays. For more specific COVID-19 FAQ’s, see our COVID-19 latest update page.

Can I reduce my premium?

Yes – we can help you reduce your premium. By speaking to one of our advisors, we can review your cover and ensure you are not paying for anything that is not relevant to your needs. We can also reduce your premium by choosing a reduced or local hospital list, adding a “waiting period” to your plan or choosing a higher excess.

What are the different underwriting types?

Full Medical Underwriting (FMU) requires you to provide your complete medical history – and that of all policyholders when you take out your policy. The information you provide may mean the insurer excludes certain conditions from cover for the lifetime of the policy.

Moratorium Underwriting does not require you to disclose your medical history. However, for the first two years of your policy you will not be covered for anything you’ve had symptoms, treatment, medication, diagnostic tests or advice on, in the past five years before your policy start date. If, after a two-year consecutive period you go symptom, treatment, medication or advice free from that condition, then it will become eligible for cover again.

Switching your policy allows you to move from one insurance provider to another and still be covered for medical conditions that you may have had problems within the past.

Do I have to pay an excess should I need to claim?

This will depend on the whether you added an excess to your policy when setting it up. Excesses are used to reduce your premium – the higher excess option you select, the lower your monthly premiums will be. Talk to one of our expert advisors to ensure you have the best option to suit you.

Am I covered on my holidays abroad?

Depending on the plan you opt for, there may be some level of cover if you require emergency treatment abroad. Several of our policies allow you to add holiday medical insurance in addition to travel insurance which will cover the cost of lost passports, luggage and holiday cancellations.

What is not covered by Private Health Insurance?

It is very important you know what will and will not be covered before you take out a policy. Policies are intended to cover acute conditions as opposed to chronic conditions, such as diabetes. Most policies will cover acute flare ups providing it is not excluded in the underwriting. Typically the below are not covered:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Emergency treatment
  • Fertility Treatment
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Pregnancy and childbirth costs
  • Organ transplants
  • Treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse
Can I get cover for my pre-existing condition?

Long NHS waiting lists and cancelled or delayed procedures are a common motivation for initial enquiries into health insurance. Depending on the condition, it is unlikely it will be covered on your plan. Although, if you have a pre-existing condition speak to one of our expert advisors as different underwriting options may suit your needs.

Are there different levels of cover?

Yes – Basic, Standard and Comprehensive cover. Basic Health Insurance policies usually cover the bill of treatments and any related inpatient hospital costs. Standard cover tends to cover both inpatient and outpatient care and support. Comprehensive policies are the highest level of cover you can obtain, including both inpatient and outpatient care as well as cover for other treatments such as physiotherapist and mental health care.