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Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Health Insurance Policy Cover Me For Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a public health emergency and as such would be treated in A&E. Therefore, it is something that would always be treated on the NHS, not covered by Private Medical Insurance. However, you can use your private medical insurance for advice and support. Some will also offer cash benefits for hospital stays. For more specific COVID-19 FAQ’s, see our COVID-19 latest update page.

Am I covered on my holidays abroad?

Depending on the plan you opt for, there may be some level of cover if you require emergency treatment abroad. Several of our policies allow you to add holiday medical insurance in addition to travel insurance which will cover the cost of lost passports, luggage and holiday cancellations.

What is the difference between the NHS and Private Health Insurance?

As a nation we are fortunate to have a publicly funded health service, giving everyone access to treatment at little to no cost. Due to increasing pressure on the NHS, many people now face long waiting lists and delayed or cancelled treatment.

Whilst receiving private treatment you will not face long waiting lists for treatment, in fact you are likely to be seen within a week or so. Health Insurance offers you access to a choice of hospitals and treatment times that suit you, with overnight stays often being in a private room.

Will pregnancy be covered by Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance companies will not cover routine pregnancy. When going into labour, there is no waiting list and you will be seen immediately by the NHS in a private room. However, should there be complications during your pregnancy or childbirth it may be covered depending on the insurer.

Can I get cover for cancer treatment should I be diagnosed?

Health Insurance gives you access to the latest cancer treatment, as well as medication and procedures that don’t tend to be obtainable on the NHS. Private cancer care is intended to make your treatment as comfortable as possible by making chemotherapy at home an option, along with home nursing.

Can I get cover for my pre-existing condition?

Long NHS waiting lists and cancelled or delayed procedures are a common motivation for initial enquiries into health insurance. Depending on the condition, it is unlikely it will be covered on your plan. Although, if you have a pre-existing condition speak to one of our expert advisors as different underwriting options may suit your needs.

Will my Private Medical Insurance cover emergencies?

Private Health Insurance does not generally cover emergencies. Private Hospitals do not have A&E facilities onsite, therefore our NHS hospitals are best equipped in emergency situations. International policies may cover you in emergency situations up to a monetary limit, which will be stated within your policy documents.

What is the 6-week option?

A 6-week option is something we can add to your plan to help reduce your premium. Should the NHS be able to see you within 6-weeks, then you will receive treatment on the NHS and will not have to claim. If the waiting list exceeds 6-weeks, you will be covered to be seen privately straight away.