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AVIVA PLC is the largest general insurer in the UK and a multinational insurance company with about 33 million customers across 16 countries. Whilst the current form of the company was created when Norwich Union merged with insurer CGU in May 2000 (and the AVIVA name was subsequently changed in April 2002) the company’s origins can be traced back to 1696. AVIVA is a Public Limited Company headquarters in London with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange, and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Their headquarters are in London.

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The History of Aviva

Aviva PLC can trace its history back to 1696 when the Hand-in-Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society was formed at Tom’s Coffee House in London (it has since been absorbed but is recorded as one of the oldest insurance companies in Britain). The Aviva Group holds an archive containing holdings that date back over 300 years and cover every area of the business through more than 650 constituent companies.

Aviva was created by a merger of two British insurance firms, Norwich Union and CGU plc as CGNU in 2000. The name Aviva was adopted later in July 2002. Now the product of multiple mergers, Aviva PLC is the UK’s largest insurance and financial services group and the seventh largest insurer in the world. The Company cotinued to use Norwich Union as a trading name in the UK up until June 2009, when it became formally know as Aviva.    

Aviva has an impressive customer base, with over 53 million customers in over 28 countries. Aviva encourages a healthy lifestyle, so much so they have been the number one supporting company for British Athletics since 1999.

Aviva Insurance Policy Review

Aviva’s Healthier Solutions private medical insurance is a flexible product that recognises everyone’s requirements are different. It aims to suit different budgets and needs; whilst providing considerable core cover, it is also flexible to add optional extras as well as options to reduce the premiums.


Aviva Key Benefits

Access to a large range of hospitals (NHS and private), with large networks such as BMI, Nuffiled and Spire Health

Cancer Pledge included in core cover, including treatment, palliative care and aftercare

Aviva Digital GP appointments in as little as 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. 

Family Cover if you add two or more children aged 19 or under, you'll only pay for the oldest (until they turn 20). First-borns get up to 3-months free cover from their date of birth

Stress Counselling helpline 24/7 for members aged 16 or over

5-star rating

with independent rating firm Defaqto

The largest UK insurer

with 19.2 million customers

Cover Excellence Awards 2022

Outstanding Contribution to Protection & Health

British Insurance Awards 2023

Customer Care Awards Winner

Aviva Core Cover

Included as a base to your cover with Aviva Healthier Solutions are the following benefits.

Benefit Details
In-patient and day patient treatment Hospital charges, including accommodation and meals,
nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings,
theatre fees, specialists' fees, diagnostic tests including blood tests, X-rays, scans, ECGs, radiotherapy/chemotherapy 
Outpatient Treatment Specialist consultations & treatment, diagnostic tests CT, MRI and PET scans, pre-admission tests, radiotherapy/chemotherapy. Specialist referred physiotherapy, chiropractor and osteopath, psychiatric treatment as an outpatient up to £2000 on GP referral
NHS Hospital Cash Benefit £100 each night, up to 30 nights
Baby bonus £100 for each baby
Home Nursing Immediately following treatment as an in-patient or day-patient
Private Ambulance Full cover where medically necessary
Parent Accommodation Full cover for one parent for child of 15 or under receiving treatment that is covered by the policy
Child Speech Therapist Up to 2 speech therapy sessions for each child covered

Aviva Optional Extras

Additional optional extras are available to enhance your policy to suit your individual requirements:

Optional Benefit Details
Out-patient cover There are four options for out-patient cover, these reduce the cover and thus the premium from that of the core cover. It is possible to cap the cover to £1000, £500 or £0
Dental and Optical

The core cover does not cover surgical procedures on the teeth, you can add on cover for dental and optical

Up to £600 of dental treatment due to an accident, routine dental treatment up to £250 and optical cover up to £150

Mental Health Treatment

With mental health treatment option, you will be covered for inpatient and day patient treatment if you’re diagnosed with an acute psychiatric condition, Aviva will cover:

Inpatient and day patient accommodation and nursing costs in full up to 28 days

Specialists’ fees for inpatient treatment up to the limits in Aviva's fee schedule

Other Treatment Therapies

This option provides additional cover of up to 10 sessions combined total per condition with physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or acupuncturist, if referred by your GP

GP minor surgery up to £100 per procedure

Protected No Claims Discount

It is possible with Aviva to pay extra to protect your No Claim Discount


What isn't covered?

Like most leading insurers, Aviva health insurance is intended to cover acute conditions as opposed to chronic conditions, such as diabetes. All exclusions will be listed in your policy documents. As standard, Aviva does not cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Fertility treatment
  • Treatment for Alcoholism or Substance addiction
  • Kidney Dialysis
  • Chronic long-term conditions
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth


In addition to your core cover Aviva provides further perks.

Get Active Savings on gym services and discounted lifestyle products


Online health programme

Aviva Digital GP

Access to five GP consultations

24/7 Stress Counselling Helpline


Underwriting Options

There are two options for how Aviva insurers will underwrite you:

  • Full Medical Underwriting – where you disclose your medical history to Aviva by filling out a health questionnaire form.
  • Moratortium Underwriting – where you don’t have disclose any medical history until you make a claim

For more definitions of terms, please see our glossary. 

Excess Options

Aviva offer a number of excess options you can choose for your policy. An excess is the amount you agree to pay towards a claim. The higher your chosen excess, the more your premium will reduce. The following amounts are available with Aviva:

Nil, £100, £200, £500, £1,000, £3,000 and £5,000. 

Hospital Lists

Healthier Solutions core cover includes the Key hospital list and unless an alternative has been chosen, this is the list you will have access to.

Aviva has access to 100s of hospitals including BMI, Nuffield Health and Spire Healthcare hospitals – as well as access to NHS and Trust Partnership hospitals.

Also available are the following options:

Extended Hospital List which increases the number of hospitals you have access to on your policy. These are predominantly in the Greater London area.

Trust Hospital List dedicated private patient units within NHS trust hospitals

Signature Hospital List available for customers living in Scotland or Northern Ireland


View Hospital List

How to make a claim


Step 1

Visit Your GP

Step 2

Make a claim 


Step 3

Aviva pay for the eligible

treatment directly


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aviva cover cancer care?

Aviva include comprehensive cancer cover as standard. Aviva will cover the costs of your diagnosis and treatment along with your aftercare and monitoring. If you choose to use the NHS instead of private healthcare, you can claim up to £100 per night, up to 30 days where you receive eligible treatment on the NHS.

Do Aviva offer a six-week NHS wait?

Aviva offer the six-week NHS wait option, as a way to reduce your premium. Should the NHS wait time be longer than six weeks for the treatment you require; you can use your insurance to be seen privately.

What does Aviva not cover?

Like most leading insurers, Aviva health insurance is intended to cover acute conditions as opposed to chronic conditions, such as diabetes – acute flare ups may be covered providing it is not excluded in the underwriting. All exclusions will be listed in your policy documents.

Do Aviva offer No Claims Discount?

Aviva operates on a fifteen-level no discount system with 75% being the maximum discount available. For each year you don’t make a claim on your policy, your discount increases by one level. Aviva also offer a protected no claim discount for an additional premium, meaning regardless if you make a claim, your discount level will stay the same.

Can I choose where I am treated?

When setting up your Aviva policy, you will be able to choose from a range of hospital lists: Key, Extended, Trust and Signature. This choice will impact the facilities at which you can be treated as well as the premium you pay.

What are Aviva’s excess options?

Aviva’s excess options range from £0 to £5,000. The excess is only to be paid once per policy year, meaning you can have multiple claims but only pay your excess once. The excess options you choose will impact the premium you pay – the higher your excess, the lower the premium.

Do I need health insurance?

We are blessed in the UK to have a National Health Service, so health insurance is not a legal requirement. Health insurance provides the peace of mind however that should you require treatment you can access private health services and avoid NHS waiting times. We believe there is a policy to suit everyone. To read more, see our Guide to Health Insurance.


Aviva Insurance Policy Documents

For all the Aviva Health Insurance policy Terms and Conditions see the policy documents linked below.


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