WPA - Private Health Insurance

WPA has been a valued partner of Usay Compare for almost 5 years. In that time, we have established a solid partnership that above all works for the customer, providing market leading levels of service and value.

Who are WPA Health Insurance?

WPA are a leading health insurance company that has provided health cover to the British public for 110 years.

Rather like a John Lewis or a Co-op, WPA is operated for the benefit of its customers and members, not for short term shareholder gains.

This enables WPA to take the long view, and to keep the care of its customers’ front of mind.

They have over 80 local offices across the UK providing customers with a personal touch.

WPA pride themselves on their exemplary levels of customer service – reflected in their two awards in 2014 given for excellent customer service.

Why should you choose WPA Healthcare?

  • Emphasis on TCF – Treating Customers Fairly.
  • In the last ten years WPA has settled some £0.9bn in claims with only 6 Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) adjudications against then.
  • In 2015 WPA referred only 0.02 complaints per 100 customers to the Regulatory Authorities.

What does WPA Health Insurance offer?

  • They operate an open referral policy – meaning the freedom to choose your consultant based on preference, if you so wish
  • Rapid access to top private consultants and specialists.
  • An ethical approach at all times.