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AXA Health have been covering people with private policies since before the formation of the NHS. AXA Health headquarters are in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent and they are a part of the global AXA Group. AXA Health’s number one priority is their customers’ health and wellbeing. They look to help people be the best version of themselves, whatever that means to them.

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The History of AXA Health

AXA PPP healthcare, or the London Associates as it was originally known, was conceived in 1938 as a health insurance scheme for middle income earners in London. In 1961, the name was changed to Private Patients Plan and by 1970 the member-base had grown to 367,000.

In the 1970s and 1980s the Company launched a number of ground-breaking initiatives including a Family Masterplan, Private Hospital Plan and Retirement Health Plan. In 1998 the Company was acquired by GRE, which was then acquired by Sun Life & Provincial Holdings (part of the AXA Group). Whilst on the acquisition trail AXA Group purchased the leading provider of occupational health services, Medical Industrial Services Ltd, which was re-branded AXA PPP Healthcare Occupational Health Services.

2001 saw the Company launch CommonSense, a packaged health and safety and occupational health product. To reflect this new ownership in 2002, it was renamed AXA PPP healthcare. As of October 2020, AXA’s health insurance (AXA PPP healthcare and Health-on-Line) and employee health and well-being support (Health Services/ICAS-UK) have united to form AXA Health.

AXA Health Insurance Policy Review

Personal Health is AXA Health’s private health insurance plan. It covers treatment for a wide range of conditions and surgery as an in-patient, as well as some out-patient treatment. In addition to the core cover there a number of optional added extras to enhance your cover.


AXA Health Key Benefits

Access to the latest licenced approved cancer drugs even if they're not available on the NHS

24/7 access to Doctor@Hand Digital GP From home or abroad, with 20 minute appointments, diagnosis, direct referral to specialists and prescription deliveries available

24/7 Health@Hand support line with nurses and councillors available to answer any questions

Access to Fast Track Appointments service for consultants and physiotherapists 

Over 250 hospitals within Directory of Hospitals with more than 36,500 recognised consultants and other practitioners

Free cover for new-borns and enhanced family and children's health insurance

5-star rating

with independant rating firm Defaqto 2023

Best Health Insurance Company 2021

International Finance Awards

Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2023

Health Insurance Provider of the year - Highly Commended


A Great Rating on the independent customer review site

AXA Health Core Cover

Included as a base to your cover with AXA Health Personal Health are the following benefits.

Benefit Details
In-patient and day patient treatment

Full hospital fees including operating-theatre costs, nursing care, drugs and dressings, specialist fees, consultations, diagnostic tests, CT, MRI and PET scans and physiotherapy. Using a hospital from the AXA Health Directory of Hospitals.

Out-patient treatment 

CT, MRI and PET scans at a scanning centre or hospital from AXA Health Directory of Hospitals

Surgery – no yearly limit

Comprehensive Cancer Cover 

Diagnostic surgery, CT, MRI and PET scans. Chemotherapy/radiotherapy. Support from dedicated cancer nurse. £100 a night hospice donation. External prostheses up to £5000 a year, wigs and head coverings up to £400 a year. Comprehensive cancer cover may not be available under certain circumstances such as medical history, and NHS cancer support would apply instead.

NHS Hospital Cash Benefit

A cash payment of £50 a night up to £2,000 a year when you have in-patient treatment free on the NHS

Home Nursing

A nurse to administer antibiotics by intravenous drip at home

Private Ambulance

Ambulance transport to another medical facility if you’re receiving private in-patient or day-patient treatment

Oral Surgery For a number of procedures, paid in full
Parent Accommodation Hospital accommodation for one parent staying in hospital with their child covered by the policy.
Laser treatment

Laser treatment to improve the look of a ‘port wine stain’ on the face of a child aged 14 and under

Speech Therapy

Six sessions of speech therapy needed for a child aged 14 and under as a result of a delay in their development

Free New-born Cover

Free cover on your plan for new-borns until your renewal date (cover restrictions may apply)

AXA Optional Extras

Additional optional extras are available to enhance your policy to suit your individual requirements:

Optional Benefit Details
Full Out-patient cover The standard out-patient option covers up to three specialist consultations a year. The full out-patient option has no yearly limit. There isn't a limit on diagnostic tests or practitioner charges when your specialist refers you, for either option. 
Therapies Cover

Adds cover for out-patient treatment by physiotherapists, acupuncturists, homeopaths, osteopaths and chiropractors with no yearly limit on fees. Up to an overall maximum of 10 sessions in a year when your GP refers you, or when you have therapist treatment through the Working Body team

Mental Health Extends cover to include mental health treatment as an in-patient or day-patient. Psychiatric treatment, including accommodation, diagnostic tests and drugs, paid in full at a hospital or day-patient unit in one of Axa's Directory of Hospitals.

No yearly limit on specialist fees for psychiatric treatment.

Dentist and Optician Cash Back

Dentist’s fees – 80% of costs up to £400 each year

Optician’s fees – 80% of the cost of prescribed glasses and contact lenses up to £200 each year

£25 a year towards the cost of an eye test
Extended Cover

Includes cover of up to £500 for visits to a private GP for consultations, cover for hospitals outside the Directory of Hospitals, planned treatment overseas (when agreed in advance), and unlimited consultations every year with a Doctor@Hand+ GP.

European or Worldwide Travel Cover

Adds cover for emergency medical expenses abroad. Also includes cover for travel-related hassles like lost baggage, delays and lost passports. Plus personal accident cover and cover for on-piste skiing. And if you have the Worldwide Travel Cover, you’ll also have cover for emergency dental treatment and business travel. With the Adventure Sports upgrade, you can add cover for activities such as bungee-jumping and paragliding.


What isn't covered?

Like most leading insurers, AXA Health insurance is intended to cover acute conditions as opposed to chronic conditions, such as diabetes – acute flare ups may be covered providing it is not excluded in the underwriting. All exclusions will be listed in your policy documents. As standard, AXA does not cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Birth Control
  • Infertility treatment
  • Gender reassignment
  • Treatment for Alcoholism or Substance abuse


In addition to your core cover AXA Health provides further perks.

24/7 access Doctor@Hand Digital GP

Directory of Hospitals

Contains over 250 hospitals  

Free cover for new-borns

24/7 Health@Hand

support line


Underwriting Options

There are two options with AXA Health for how they will underwrite your policy:

  • Full Medical Underwriting – where you disclose your medical history to AXA
  • Moratorium Underwriting – where you don’t have to disclose any medical history until you make a claim

For more definitions of terms, please see our glossary. 

Excess Options

AXA’s excess options range from £100 to £5,000. The excess is only to be paid once per year, meaning you can have multiple claims but only have to pay your excess once. The excess options you choose will impact the premium you pay – the higher your excess, the lower the premium you pay will be.

£100 - £5000

Hospital Lists

AXA Health have a set list of over 250 quality assessed hospitals, with more than 36,500 recognised consultants and other practitioners.

View Hospital List

How to make a claim


Step 1

Visit your GP

and ask for an 'open referral'


Step 2

Call AXA Health

to find an appointment


Step 3

Receive the treatment

and AXA will settle the bill

for covered treatment directly


Frequently Asked Questions

Do AXA cover cancer care?

AXA Personal Health cover cancer care as standard at a comprehensive level. They will cover the costs of your diagnosis and treatment, including drugs and procedures that may not be available on the NHS. Should you be medically advised to be treated at home, AXA will cover the costs of at-home chemotherapy.

Will My AXA policy cover my outpatient treatment?

AXA offer two outpatient options: Standard and Full cover. Standard cover provides unlimited diagnostic test and scans and up to three consultations per year. AXA Full cover option gives access to unlimited diagnostic tests, scans and specialist consultations.

Do AXA have any exclusions on their policies?

Like most leading insurers, AXA health insurance is intended to cover acute conditions as opposed to chronic conditions, such as diabetes – acute flare ups may be covered providing it is not excluded in the underwriting.

Do I need health insurance?

We are blessed in the UK to have a National Health Service, so health insurance is not a legal requirement. Health insurance provides the peace of mind however that should you require treatment you can access private health services and avoid NHS waiting times. We believe there is a policy to suit everyone. To read more, see our Guide to Health Insurance.

What are AXA’s excess options?

AXA’s excess options range from £100 to £5,000. The excess is only to be paid once per year, meaning you can have multiple claims but only have to pay your excess once. The excess options you choose will impact the premium you pay – the higher your excess, the lower the premium you pay will be.

Do AXA offer No Claims Discount?

AXA operates on a seventeen level no claims discount system with 80% being the maximum discount available. For each year you don’t make a claim on your policy, your discount increases by one level. Should you make a claim on your policy, your no claim discount will decrease by three levels.

Do AXA offer a Digital GP service?

AXA’s Doctor@Hand is a 24/7 remote digital GP service giving you access to both video and phone appointments with a registered GP. This service enables you to receive advice, referrals and prescription without having to wait for a GP appointment at your local surgery.


AXA Insurance Policy Documents

For all the AXA Insurance policy Terms and Conditions see the policy documents linked below.

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