Insurance Awareness Day

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The very idea of dedicating one of our precious 365 days in a year to ‘celebrate’ something so universally begrudged as insurance, might well seem unnecessary or even bizarre. The topic of insurance is neither glamorous nor exciting and the instances we insure against are never pleasant to think about. We would never claim otherwise. Yet – when the proverbial does hit the fan – our insurance policy decisions quickly become the most important we ever made, and the policies themselves – nothing short of life-changing.

The origins of Insurance Awareness Day are unknown, but it is here to encourage everyone to set aside one day of the year – to take the time to review your insurance policies, reassess your risks and ensure you have everything covered correctly. In 2020 that day is Sunday 28th June – we hope you are ready and will join us to celebrate. We will be celebrating the very fact that in this day and age we have the opportunity to purchase such unequivocal peace of mind; and we will celebrate the life we can enjoy because of it.

We have compiled some of the most common reasons our clients get in touch for our help, some of the things they are most happy to find out, and some of their most common ‘we-wish-we-found-you-sooner’ moments. We hope you find them helpful, whilst reassessing your own cover.

The Value of Private Medical Insurance

National Insurance Awareness Day celebrates all types of insurance and whilst home or motor insurance might be more commonly known and taken up than health insurance; the value of such material objects does fade to insignificance, when your life or health are at risk. For many in the UK, Private Medical Insurance is just not something they have even considered before. We are lucky to have a National Health Service, which is free at point of use, so this makes sense. However those who have experienced Private Medical Insurance have been surprised not only at how well it integrates with the NHS, but also how much additional value, flexibility and choice it provides. Whilst the NHS is great at dealing with emergencies, chronic conditions and the big, life-saving things, Private Medical Insurance goes well beyond the basics, and allows you to prioritise your health and wellbeing. The top five features our clients appreciate most about Private Medical Insurance are:

  • Flexibility and choice over treatments, clinics and consultants
  • Superior medicines and treatments not available on the NHS
  • Avoiding long NHS waiting times – choose a place and time to suit you
  • Comfort and privacy of private en suite rooms and a la carte menus
  • The possibility for constant access to a digital GP – with diagnosis from your own home, dependant on the selected policy.

How easy it is to switch a long-term policy

It is a common misconception that because you have had one Private Medical Insurance policy for a long time – and perhaps claimed on it for various illnesses – that you are stuck with that policy. On the contrary, our clients are often very surprised to find we can find them a much better rate or more appropriate policy elsewhere – saving them money and improving their cover. Situations change as well – it is always worth checking that your requirements are still being met? Perhaps your hospital list might vary with a move, or you would like to add a dental or physiotherapy package.

Changing Circumstances Affecting Policies

Our clients are often shocked when they come to reassess their insurance policies that so much may have changed that they hadn’t accounted for. The lightening fast pace and eternal busyness of modern life, is enough to cause even the most diligent among us to relegate such mundane things to the back-burner. Significant life changes always require a reassessment of your insurance. Starting a family or buying a house are the obvious big life changes which require Life Insurance. What may be less obvious is keeping track of the amount you have assured – would it still be enough to cover additional children or increased financial liabilities? Have you reassessed with your partner recently whether a joint or individual policy suits you best? And what about Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection? Do you have a plan in place in case you are unable to work because of accident or illness?

At Usay Compare we are here – not just on National Insurance Day – but every day, to help you find the perfect policy to suit your needs. We understand policy wordings are complicated and boring and we get it that there’s never enough time to go through these things. Our service is completely free; our expert and friendly advisers are on the phones locally, and we compare all the best UK insurers for you. There really is no reason not to take the opportunity this Insurance Awareness Day, to evaluate your insurance and make sure you’re covered.

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